DAV ICT Olympiad Syllabus Class 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Sample Papers

By | 23rd November 2022

DAV ICT Olympiad Syllabus 2022-2023 Class 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Group 1 2 Sample Papers. The DAV Centre for Academic Excellence is conducting the Olympiad for the students in classes 5th to 12 every year during the months of December and January. Students who completed the registration at the school level are eligible to attend the test. Before attending the test one has to know about the DAV Olympiad Syllabus and check the sample papers to know the pattern of questions.

So the DAV ICT Mathematics General Science Olympiad Syllabus 2022 is officially provided for Age Group 1 and Age Group 2 students. So candidates need to prepare now according to this syllabus to excel in the examination.

DAV ICT Olympiad Syllabus 2022

Name of the institutionDAV Center for Academic Excellence (DAV CAE)
Olympiad NameDAV Olympiad for ICT, Mathematics and General Science
Classes Eligible 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th and 12th
Mode of examOffline and Online
DAV Olympiad DateDecember 2022 or January 2023
Official Websitedavcae.net.in

DAV ICT Syllabus for Age Group 1 (5th, 06th 7th and 08th Classes)

The DAV ICT Syllabus for the Class 5th to 8th will cover the following topics

Web Browser and Networking

  • Web terminologies and Web Browsers
  • Protocols
  • Transmission Media
  • Networking devices
  • History of internet
  • Emails, Social media
  • Virus & Antivirus concept
  • Cyber World
  • E-commerce
  • Search Engines

HTML and Gaming

  • HTML Tags and attributes
  • Concept of URL
  • Links and Hyperlinks
  • Tables
  • Lists
  • Various Games and related levels and details

Hardware and Software

  • Types of computers
  • Generations of computers
  • Components of CPU, (system unit), Microprocessors and chips
  • Booting process
  • Peripheral devices
  • Types of storage
  • Units of memory
  • Inventions and Abbreviations
  • Operating System
  • Printers
  • Input / Output devices

Other Core Topics

  • GIMP
  • LOGO
  • Open Office and MS Office
  • Tux Paint and MS Paint
  • Scratch

DAV ICT Syllabus for Age Group 1 (5th, 06th 7th and 08th Classes)

Operating System

  • Concept of operating systems
  • Architecture and system calls
  • Types of operating system, GUI
  • Algorithms, flow charts etc.
  • Compilers and Interpreters
  • Utility software, application software and system software
  • FIFO, GIGO etc.
  • Storing and retrieving data, system calls

Cloud and Mobile Computing

  • Concept of cloud computing
  • Benefits of cloud computing
  • iOS and Android features
  • File extensions
  • Abbreviations

GIMP and Flash

  • Key Frames, types of images
  • File extensions
  • Short Keys
  • Tool Bars and various Tools
  • Concept of layers
  • Frames, Panels, Tweens, Masking and Stages
  • Views and all related topics

Adobe Pagemaker and Photoshop

  • Short Keys
  • Tools of toolbar
  • Blending Modes
  • Layers and Brushes
  • Style sheets
  • File extensions
  • Filters

DAV ICT Olympiad Sample Papers, Questions and Answers

The DAV ICT Olympiad will be conducted according to the academic syllabus of a class. So Students can consider the DAV ICT Olympiad Sample Papers, question and answers as the academic question papers of that particular class. So download these papers and prepare for the DAV ICT Olympiad 2022-2023

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